How I Became an Alzheimer’s Advocate and Ended Up as “Barb”


So, a great thing happened to me in early 2018. I was asked by the national Alzheimer’s Association to serve in a special volunteer capacity for them (actually, for their advocacy group AIM, which stands for Alzheimer’s Impact Movement).

Specifically, they asked me to be their Ambassador for Florida Congressional District 3, represented by Congressman Ted Yoho. It’s my role to meet with the congressman and to advocate for critical legislation and increased funding for Alzheimer’s research at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). AIM sets the goals, and I educate and persuade Congressman Yoho to get behind those goals.

My first response when they asked me to do this was, “Wow, what a great cause,” and then, “I’m not exactly an expert at convincing politicians to do things – are you sure you want me?”Continue Reading

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