Spend Money on Alzheimer’s, President-elect Trump

Spend Money on Alzheimer’s, President-elect Trump

I haven’t posted here since October. I got kind of busy working a regular job and teaching an extra course and writing textbook material on the side. Oh, and my candidate won the popular vote by almost 3 million votes, but not the electoral college, so she and her brilliant plan to end Alzheimer’s went down the drain. That defeat really got me.

What was her brilliant plan? You probably don’t know about it because it was never brought up in the debates. The media didn’t cover it. Everyone was too busy writing about Hillary’s e-mails from the early 2000s, instead of focusing on the candidate’s actual platform. Said platform = $2 billion a year for Alzheimer’s and related disorders, additional Medicare investment for planning and treatment for patients, commitment to finding a cure by 2025.

Are you gutted by her loss, now that you know about what she was actually prepared to do to combat the disease? Join the club.

The, uh, man who is going to be the president of the United States could do us a solid and get behind Alzheimer’s research in a yuuge way. As we all know, his father, Fred, had Alzheimer’s, and the Donald J. Trump Foundation gave $9,000 to Alzheimer’s foundations in 2010, which was something. I mean, it was nothing, but, you know, it shows that the wheels are turning in there. Which makes me think that somebody could just give the president-elect a push and instruct him on how to make a real difference. I certainly can. Here goes:

#1) Steal Hillary’s plan. It’s right there on her website. No one will notice because nobody paid it any attention during the election. This is one time that plagiarizing won’t get you in trouble, Donald & family.

#2) Bully Congress and the Senate into funding it. Don’t change your mind. Make this your issue. Put your brand all over it. “Fred’s Plan.” That has a nice ring.

#3) Let the plan do its work and in just a few years maybe, just maybe, we’ll see a cure. And you will have done something to truly make America great.

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