About the Book

American writer Barbara Drake is currently finishing a nonfiction manuscript (working title, A Peruvian Alzheimer’s Adventure: Lessons in Eldercare from the Land of the Incas) based on her recent journey caring for her 86-year-old father in Lima, Peru – a country with one foot in its pre-Columbian past and the other in the 21st century.

When Barbara’s eccentric, widowed father – a WWII vet and a frustrated poet living alone in northern Florida —  falls victim to Alzheimer’s disease, she seizes on a plan to save both him and what little money he has: Move him to Peru for a full immersion in traditional Latin-style eldercare. A retired U.S. postal director and a veteran of Pearl Harbor, John Drake has always prided himself on his independent lifestyle, his three-piece suits and elaborate comb-over. However, in Lima he will have to give all that up to become part of la familia—Barbara, her photographer husband and their son, two devoted nurses’ aides, a flirtatious cook and a somber Dracula-like neurologist who makes house calls.

But can John’s doctors and family find the solution to the all-too-real ghosts that tear at his sanity?

Set against the tumultuous backdrop of modern-day Peru – with its fiercely contested elections, sky-rocketing economy, ancient Inca ruins and rumored miracle-working saints – A Peruvian Alzeheimer’s Adventure shows that change is possible at all stages of a person’s life, even at the very end.

“Little by little, one travels far.” – Peruvian proverb

The book includes:

  • 200-page narrative
  • 30-page epilogue on Lessons Learned: Traditional Latin eldercare practices along the lines of the “slow medicine” movement that could be adopted by practitioners and caregivers in the United States
  • Resources section

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