Exciting News: Interview(s) on HealthCentral!

Exciting News: Interview(s) on HealthCentral!

I’m thrilled to report that HealthCentral, a medical website that focuses on “real stories” of people dealing with illness, has just published a two-part interview with me about caring for my father in Peru. You can read Eldercare Lessons from the Land of the Incas: Part I and Part 2 here.

The interviews can also be found on Minding Our Elders (Part 1, Part 2), which focuses on caregiver and elder support.

I’m grateful to author/editor Carol Bradley Bursak for reaching out to me to learn more about our Peruvian eldercare experience and for helping me share our journey with a national audience. I’ve known Carol for about half a year on Twitter and am a big admirer of her website Minding Our Elders–which is full of useful and very well researched articles on many aspects of the caregiving experience. When she suggested doing the interview for HealthCentral, I jumped at the chance. I answered Carol’s questions via email, and when my answers were effusive, she graciously gave me a two-part story AND ran photos of my father with his healthcare aides.

Thank you, Carol!

Reaching more readers is very important to me. When I learned in Peru is that it is possible to give Alzheimer’s patients compassionate, affordable care, both in the home and in a nursing home setting. The United States isn’t Peru, but certainly aspects of the Peruvian model could be implemented in the U.S. to relieve burdens on caregivers. That’s what this blog is about, and I extremely pleased to be sharing this with more people who want the best for their loved ones.




  • Angela Manning

    September 2, 2017 at 7:36 am Reply

    I really enjoyed reading all about your Peruvian experience when I found your blog some time ago through Twitter. So I was thrilled to learn that Carole from Minding our Elders had recently picked it up. I would be interested to hear from you what aspects you think could be implemented here in the US.

    • Barbara

      November 5, 2017 at 12:24 pm Reply

      Hi, Angela,
      Thanks for finding my blog through Minding Our Elders and Twitter. Yes, it was lovely to be interviewed by Carole AND to be featured in two separate stories! She truly helps caregivers find one another and connect.
      I’m so glad you asked about what aspects could be adapted here in the U.S. First, I think that the at-home care model that works so well in Lima is something that we need to do in the U.S. And that would involve training more professinal caregivers, paying them at least $15/hour, and changing Medicare and Medicaid laws so that at-home caregiving is a covered expense. Making that change would be huge, but I think it would do so much to help dementia sufferers and their caregivers. It’s critical, IMO.
      The other big takeaway from our Peru experience is that “slow medicine” is best for most dementia sufferers. We weren’t pushed in Peru to have my dad undergo operations on his heart. His doctor believed that my dad’s quality of life –staying in familiar surroundings, not being confined to a hospital–was more important than “buying” him an extra 6 months or so of life. I think that this approach should be adopted for our elders here. That would involve moving away from extreme interventions and focusing on making daily life more comfortable.

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